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Welcome to the Wagon.
Suck free radio since 1991.
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modem - port 8888, modem - port 23, broadband - port 9999

----- CARP licensing fees proposed threaten Wagon's existence!!
On February 20, 2002, the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel ("CARP") delivered its report recommending rates and terms for the statutory license for eligible nonsubscription services to perform sound recordings publicly by means of digital audio transmissions ("webcasting").

What does this mean to me?
If these "recommended" rates are approved, independent Internet broadcasters like Taco Wagon will become extinct!
This is a play by the large music conglomerates to regain control by crushing low or no-profit broadcasters with enormous fees and onerous reporting requirements.

In addition, these fees are an order of magnitude less for the traditional radio broadcaster simulcasting on the web compared to a solely online one!

They say by hearing their product over the Internet, they are being cheated out of millions of dollars by online radio. When you go buy the CD of an artist you heard online that you wouldn't have heard otherwise from traditional radio, how are they being cheated?

What can I do?
This thing is open for public comment, so right now, not tomorrow, NOW go craft a thoughtful and respectful email to copyinfo@loc.gov detailing why you feel this is not in the public interest and doesn't make sense.

Flames and "RIAA sucks!" email do not help, so please save that for Slashdot.

If you want to read the fine print (and we suggest you do), follow this link and also follow all the links in that document:
Mechanical and Digital Phonorecord Delivery Compulsory License

----- Got some bandwidth to spare? Help us out. Relay us.
Notice all the "server full" responses of late? Yeah, so have we. You see, Taco Wagon has gotten so popular that we no longer have enough bandwidth to let everyone who wants to listen in do so. Bandwidth is expensive, and as any true Wagoneer knows, we don't make money off this, so buying more is not an option.

So that's where you come in.

Are you fond of the Wagon and sitting on a bunch of bandwidth we can use? Is it your bandwidth to give out? Can you relay our stream without losing your job? If your answer is "yes" please email Jismo and we can talk. We may not be able to pay you money, but we'll send you a nifty Wagon t-shirt!

----- We know the 9999 stream is full. Try the 8888 one.
We had to change some network architecture things in Wagon-land and as a result, our relay from the nice folks at SHOUTcast hasn't caught up with us yet to pick up the overage. If you get a "server full" error when trying to listen to high-quality Wagon on port 9999, then give the not-so-high-quality Wagon a try on port 8888. If that's full too, hell, port 23's usually got some space.

For now, our apologies and we're working on getting this fixed real soon.

----- New "Wagon Features" Page:
There's an awful lot of good stuff we'd like to put on the front page that just doesn't fit. Usually that means you don't see it and it's forever lost. Well, that's no more! We've added the e-quivalent (*groan* -Ed.) of your top dresser drawer over at www.tacowagon.com/features. There you'll find stuff from the DJs as well of what we lovingly refer to as our "support staff." Read on.

----- We're old.
If you haven't noticed, we're claiming having brought indie rock to the masses for a decade. Find that hard to believe? Check out our history to learn more.

----- Your band's site here? YES!
artists/labels.tacowagon.com We told you we wanted to do it, and we did. Web hosting for artists and labels is here!

If you hate all the "pop-up" windows and lame banner ads that haunt your users on your band's or label's "freely hosted" website, then join the masses, email hosting@tacowagon.com, and get in the queue. Space is limited, and so is our time to get the sites set up, so get those emails in. First come, first served (bribes excluded).

----- Pablo's ears are open.
Taco Wagon is looking for new music that needs to be heard. Know of any? If you're an artist who thinks they have what it takes to make it to the Wagon's rotation, please e-mail DJ Pablo and hook us with a CD or better yet, your press kit. Lots of airplay at no cost equals a good deal for you. It's also a great deal for our listeners, as new music is just plain good.

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