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To listen, click one of the links below.
Modem Speed - Ithaca, NY
Port 8888: click here.

Modem Speed - Ithaca, NY
Port 23: click here.

Broadband Speed - Ithaca, NY
Port 9999: click here.

----- How do I listen?
Tuning into the Taco Wagon stream is easy. Use your favorite MP3 player (that supports streaming MP3 formats such as SHOUTCast). If you don't have an MP3 player that supports streaming, go to the Tech Page to find links to ones we know work. If you don't know if your player supports MP3 streaming, also go to the Tech Page and see if yours is listed there.

----- Having Problems?
If you are having problems with the links launching your MP3 player, enter the stream address (ie: http://tacowagon.com:8888) in the "Play Location", "Open Server", or "Open URL" field.

Still not working? Universities and other organizations have been cracking down on file-sharing communities such as Napster by blocking the ports these applications use. Unfortunately, they use a port also used by the Wagon, port 8888. To get around this, we've set up a stream on port 23. This port is usually used by telnet and is unlikely to be blocked. To use this stream click here.

The stream plays but it stutters or buffers? You are likely experiencing bandwidth congestion. In layman's terms, this means there's too much data coming at you for your connection to handle. Try selecting the "modem speed" stream. Yeah, the audio quality's lower, but it likely won't buffer!

If you are still having problems, or if none of this technical crap makes sense, contact the DJ on duty as they may be able to help.

----- Can I talk to you folks or request songs?
Hell yes! Use AOL Instant Messenger to talk with us and send us your requests!
We are TacoWagonRequest. Add us to your buddy list!
You can use the cool "remote" below to do it all for you!

Download AIM 2.0AIM RemoteSend me an Instant MessageAdd me to Your Buddy ListAdd Remote to Your Page

If you don't have AIM, we take e-mail too. E-mail us at requests@tacowagon.com.

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