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David Dondero Logo February's Featured Artist is David Dondero!!!
David Dondero doesn't let musical style get in the way of his dead-on portrayal of life as he sees it. His music spans many genres, from rock to acoustic to folk and back again, each giving something special to each song that the others just wouldn't be able to do. We thought it was definitely worth a listen, so we're bringing him to you as the Featured Artist.

The Wagon is featuring him all this month, so tune in and check him out!

----- What is the "Featured Artist" all about?
Each month Taco Wagon features one artist as it's "Featured Artist." We try to give you a little background and flavor of the artist and to top it off, we play the hell out of them that month so you are sure to be able to hear the tunes associated with the bios.

----- How does one become a "Featured Artist?"
This one isn't very scientific. If we hear of an artist who we think is really cool and not many folks have heard of, we get in touch with them and see if they want to get some free props from us. If you are an artist or know an artist who you think should be considered for "Featured Artist", please e-mail Pablo and give him all the info including, but not limited to, how to contact the artist, how you are affiliated with them, and why you think they should be considered.

----- Can I check out "Featured Artists" from months past?
Absolutely! Click on the links below to see previous months' "Featured Artists."

----- Past Featured Artists
  • February 2001 - David Dondero - San Francisco, California

  • January 2001 - Bionic Finger - Brooklyn, New York

  • November 2000 - The Gladstones - Boston, Massachusetts

  • October 2000 - DJ Magic Mike - Orlando, Florida

  • June 2000 - Microwave Orphans - Kings Park, New York

  • May 2000 - Wide Iris - Boston, Massachusetts

  • April 2000 - Mustard Plug - Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • March 2000 - Space Robot Scientists - Long Island, New York

  • February 2000 - Angry Salad - Boston, Massachusetts

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