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Angry Salad (Boston, MA) is:
Bob Whelan (vocals, guitar)
Hale Pulsifer (drums)
Alex Grossi (lead guitar)
Brian Vesco (bass)
Jim Dand (tour manager)

Boston-based Angry Salad, calls their Ford Econoline van home for much of the year, hammering out tour schedules which other groups would find inane, crazy, or just plain nauseating.

"We took a page out of the playbook of great touring bands who came before us - bands that worked their asses off on the road and developed fan bases that have remained loyal for long periods of time," says Bob Whelan (guitar and lead vocals). "I think it was Billy Squire who said, 'It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.'"
Since their inception from the 1993 WBRU Rock Festival in Providence, Rhode Island, the four (plus one insane tour manager) have spent their time in the van building a faithful, and sometime rabid national following.

In 1999, Angry Salad was picked up by Atlantic Group affiliate Blackbird Records. Their self-titled debut album (mixed by Tom Lord-Alge of Dave Matthews and Wallflowers fame) has already caught the eye of Billboard Magazine, saying that "Angry Salad snags the listener with a barbed chorus hook" and that the album's first single, "The Milkshake Song", is "a runaway hit".

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