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2002-02-03: Taco Wagon upgrades their hardware...finally.
Taco Wagon has outgrown the ancient hardware and low-frills web server software of its roots. As a result, the Wagon has moved to modern hardware and software which will improve response time and allow for new dynamic features. Stay tuned!

----- 2001-03-24: Taco Wagon completes move to Ithaca, NY.
Taco Wagon has moved (yet again) to cosmopolitan Ithaca, New York. As a result, stream quality will improve.

----- 2001-01-19: Taco Wagon launches high quality 128Kbps stream.
In addition to all the other new stuff here at Wagon Central, we've added near-CD quality Wagon for those of you lucky enough to have fast net access. Phone modem users, don't even try. It's at 128kb/s. To listen, click here.

----- 2001-01-16: Taco Wagon launches web hosting for artists.
We at the Wagon have brought more joy and love to you with web hosting services for artists and labels. No dumb popup windows and banner ads. Just a tasteful Taco Wagon header will grace your content. If you're interested email hosting@tacowagon.com and we'll see if we can hook you up.

----- 2000-11-17: Taco Wagon launches stream to combat firewalls.
Universities and other organizations have been cracking down on file-sharing communities such as Napster by blocking the ports these applications use. Unfortunately, one of these applications, Napigator, uses the port also used by the Wagon, port 8888. Up until now, would-be Wagon listeners at these "Napster-free" organizations have been blocked. To get around this, we've set up a stream reflector on port 23. This port is usually used by telnet and is unlikely to be blocked.

To use the reflector, connect to http://tacowagon.com:23.

----- 2000-08-04: Taco Wagon completes move to Boston, Mass.
Taco Wagon officially completed their move to new digs in Boston, Massachusetts. A big thank you to Jim Frenette for helping with the hosting throughout the whole move.

----- 2000-04-03: Taco Wagon completes licensing with ASCAP and BMI
Taco Wagon has completed its licensing arrangements with ASCAP and BMI. This gives Taco Wagon legal access to broadcast all of ASCAP and BMI's respective repertories.

----- 2000-02-28: Taco Wagon chosen as About.com's "Radio Site of the Day"
Taco Wagon has been chosen as About.com's "Radio Site of the Day!" A special thank you to anyone who pointed us out to them out of the Internet haystack.

----- 2000-02-14: Taco Wagon e-mail addresses change
As of Monday, February 14th, all e-mail addresses at Taco Wagon have changed to be "@tacowagon.com" addresses. Most addresses can be found on the Contact Us page.

----- 2000-02-01: We made into myCaster's Press Release!
Scour.net and myCaster sent out a press release highlighting the new features of myCaster version 1.2. In among the new feature layout and such, our very own DJ Jismo is quoted!

----- 2000-02-01: Taco Wagon gets web site redesign
As you can tell, Taco Wagon has undergone a lengthy web site redesign along with a new logo. We are releasing the site to conicide with the large number of hits we have been receiving from the myCaster publicity, as well as our good friend handing out flyers at Seybold Boston. Please report any dead or broken links to the webmaster at webmaster@tacowagon.com.

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