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Mustard Plug (Grand Rapids, Michigan) is:
Colin Clive (guitar, vocals)
Craig DeYoung (bass)
Jim Hofer (trombone)
Brandon Jenison (trumpet)
Dave Kirchgessner (vocals)
Brad Rozier (drums)

----- It all started June 18, 1991 when Colin and Dave ran into each other at a Special Beat show in Ann Arbor and discussed starting Grand Rapids first Ska band. After two practices in first drummer Mike McKendrick's basement, they played their first gig at Mike's girlfriend's birthday party, November 21st, 1991. They played five "songs" including 3 originals, a Black Sabbath cover and something called "Ska Karaoke". They played each twice, yet somehow the crowd was either too drunk or too nice to tell them to stop.

Even though their first public performance on December 18, 1991 was an open mic night where they were kicked off stage after only 3 songs, they kept "plugging away" through numerous lineup changes, horrible day jobs and in between, released their first tape "Skapocalypse Now!" in late 1992.

Mustard Plug began their ascent to ska-punk demi-gods with their debut album, "Big Daddy Multitude," on Moon Records in 1993. The band's mix of melody, horn-supplied ska, and just the right touch of punk had kids skankin' and slammin' from coast to coast as the band toured the country to no end.

Hopeless Records released the band's 1997 follow-up album titled "Evildoers Beware," which became an immediate sensation in the ska world and beyond. "The Plug" toured incessantly, including a slot on the 1998 Ska Against Racism Tour with the likes of Less Than Jake. They played at Snow Jam in Canada, as well as handling a sold out Japanese Tour. Mustard Plug also made appearances on a variety of high-profile compilations. Among those comps were "Hopelessly Devoted To You Too", "Skankin' In The Pit and "Ska Sucks".

Mustard Plug recently released their third full-length assault, titled "Pray For Mojo", once again produced by punk gods Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton (Descendants, All). As if that weren't enough, the band will be taking the new material out on the road for the rest of the new millennium. So join the fun and get hip to the craziest thing out of Grand Rapids, Michigan since Gerald Ford tumbled down the stairs and into the Oval Office!

----- Mustard Plug's Official Web Site

----- Taco Wagon wishes to thank Hopeless Records for additional material for the Mustard Plug bio.

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Evildoers Beware
Evildoers Beware

Pray for Mojo
Pray For Mojo

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