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Wide Iris (Boston, Massachusetts) is:
Jef Corbin (bass, backing vocals)
Matt Masson (drums)
Matt York (guitar, vocals)

----- Wendy says "They're in my CD player right now!"

Since their formation in 1996, Wide Iris has been entertaining people in New England with a high energy show that mixes a bit, nay a chunk of punk, a bit of honkytonk, and mixes with a heaping helping of good old rock. With Matt York on the guitar, Jef Corbin on the Bass and Matt "Drummer Boy" Masson beating on the drums, this band produces a sound that has been likened to such a wide variety of artists that one must then define the sound as "uniquely Wide Iris."

Not satisfied with doing it the easy way, Wide Iris, with the help of their manager, released three CDs on their own Shocker Records label. They've played over 150 shows together in many different states. They've also received substantial airplay on the local Boston shows of both WAAF and WBCN. They're style of music is a blend of punk, honkytonk, ska and blues. Their albums are available at most Newbury Comics, Tower Records and HMV Records.

Wide Iris was asked to perform at the 2000 WBCN Rock-n-Roll Rumble. They played May 13th at the Middle East Cafe in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information on how they did, check out Wide Iris' Official Web Site.

----- Wide Iris' Official Web Site

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