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DJ Magic Mike (Orlando, Florida)

----- DJ Magic Mike Pic If you have to select only one DJ who has been a major force in bringing a variety of hip hop music to the masses and who continues to develop trend setting techniques, the obvious choice is DJ Magic Mike. So who better to bring you some deep dish beats to start off 2000 with his latest release, "Magic's Kingdom." Nearly mystical in nature, the fiery hot 19 track LP is a roller coaster ride of beats and rhymes that solidifies his position as a pioneer and innovator.

That's right, we said innovator. So toss any preconceived notions you have about this being a pure bass joint right out the window. Although best known for his endeavors on the bass scene, this LP is about hip hop - in its entirety! Mike likens "Magic's Kingdom" to his Orlando radio show on WPYO: an eclectic mix of today's hottest urban sounds. Much in the same manner he intuitively programs and then captures his radio audience every night, Mike has created an LP that is as magical a mix of elements as a witch's caldron.

But true rap heads will hardly be surprised at the work. As a chart-topper since 1988, DJ Magic Mike is far from a new comer although he has always managed to remain a bit more underground. In fact, the Orlando, Florida native is even noted as the "Best Platinum Artist You Never Heard Of In Vibe magazine" last year. Beginning in 1989, the initial goal of the DJ and his comrades was simply to sell twenty to thirty thousand copies in hopes of seeing their names on the Billboard charts. So the crew released "DJ Magic Mike and the Royal Posse." "Although we knew we were hot, we never really took time out to count the rising sales. However, one day one of our employees brought it to our attention after counting the numbers that the album had sold over 500,000 copies. Completely shocked us. I was having fun anyway, and it didn't really hit me until the (RIAA) came down and present us with gold plaques at an Orlando concert, that's when everything became real," explains Mike. Selling over a million copies, the album skyrocketed to Platinum status.

A year later, Mike made history with the release of "Bass is the Name of the Game.". The LP marked the first time a completely instrumental LP reached gold status. Soon after, in collaboration with the group Vicious Bass, DJ Magic Mike spawned yet another gold hit with the single "It's Automatic." The following albums "Ain't No Doubt About It" and "Bass: The Final Frontier" both received gold plaques.

But a magic touch such as this is rarely attributed to chance. Success is based on true talent and deep knowledge of the elements. As a DJ with his ears to the street at all times, Mike has always been able to predict exactly what the crowd wants. As one of the most in-demand DJ's in the country, he regularly spins to 2000-plus crowds. Lauded for his expertise, Mike's skills at the turntables are truly engaging. It's one part timing, two parts fluid dexterity with a dash of an intuitive use of rhythmic beats. His captivating talent left Pioneer Electronics so spellbound that they signed him to a major advertising campaign. Coca-Cola also courted him for a coveted appearance in a recent television commercial.

Clearly Mike has definitely become one of the few DJ's who successfully balances both the live and recorded music scene. "I changed the perception of what it meant to be a DJ. For many years, if a person started out as a DJ and later explored other territories such as artistry, it wasn't accepted," says Mike.

Still challenging himself, Magic Mike unfolds a new era. Unlike the past booty-bass beats, the emergence of "Magic's Kingdom" offers tracks like "Do What I Gotta Do", "Is It Good To You" and "Rid Wit Me" revealing a never-before-seen Magic Mike both lyrically and musically. A sure-fire club and radio favorite will be the high-spirited first single, "Groove On" featuring former Shalimar songster Howard Hewitt. "One day I was listening to an oldies radio station and the song 'Night To Remember' came on. For the rest of that day, I hummed the melody. It took me every bit of a year to find Howard Hewitt, but once we connected it was magic." It's an innovative track that will have heads bobbin' and reminiscing about good times past.

Magic Mike says the track "Check Me Out Y'all" brought him to the realization of what deejaying has become versus where it used to be. The instrumentally scratched track ferociously reminds listeners of the artists' phenomenal skills. Much like DJ competitions the world over, Mike leaves the listener panting for more.

Overall, "this album is the closest representation of who I am. I don't want people to look at my name and think bass only. Because even before I started doing bass music, I was a hip hop head and will forever be." Adds Mike, "Magic's Kingdom" gave me the opportunity to talk about things I've wanted to discuss for my entire career."

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Magic's Kingdom Bass: The Final Frontier
Magic's Kingdom Bass: The Final Frontier

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